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Preparation for the General Securities Qualification Certificate Exam - (CME1)

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This course prepares trainees to pass the exam of Capital Market Authority (CME1) in both parts, regulations and operations. CME1 qualifies a person to obtain a general certificate of dealing in securities. This test is required by the Capital Market Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from those persons to be registered with the Authority.

Target Audience:

  • Registered persons or to be registered with Capital Market Authority (CMA).
  • Independent individuals wishing to develop their knowledge on securities investment, and related analytical tools in economics, financial statements as well as the relevant law and regulations.
  • Individuals wishing to work in positions which require this certificate.
  • Persons who trade in the Saudi market.


At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Grasp the meaning of the learned material which can be demonstrated by classifying, explaining and distinguishing between things and materials.
  • Use previously learned material in new and concrete situations (i.e. demonstrate, predict, solve, modify, relate.. etc.).
  • Break down material into the component parts so that its organizational structure can be understood; ability to recognize causal relationships, discriminate between behaviors, and identify elements that are relevant to the validation of a judgment (i.e. differentiate, estimate, order).

Assessment Strategy:

  • Pre and post tests to assess knowledge and learning.
  • Trainees have the possibility, for a month, to perform online a test simulating the actual exam.

Day 1

Part 1: Regulations

  • Unit 1: Capital Market Law.
  • Unit 2: Market Conduct Regulations .
  • Unit 3: Offer of Security Regulations.
  • Unit 4: Listing Rules.
  • Unit 5: Securities Business Regulations.
  • Unit 6: Authorized Persons Regulations.
  • Unit 7: Investment Funds Regulations.
  • Unit 8: Mergers and Acquisitions Regulations.
  • Unit 9: Anti – Money Laundering and Counter. Terrorist Financing Rules.
  • Unit 10: Corporate Governance Regulations.

Day 2

Part 2: Operations

  • Unit 1: Financial Market: Organization & Management.
  • Unit 2: Financial Market Indicators.
  • Unit 3: Investment Instrument & Securities.
  • Unit 4: Economic Framework.
  • Unit 5: Financial Statements: Basics.
  • Unit 6: Financial Statement Analysis.
  • Unit 7: Corporate Actions.
  • Unit 8: Quantitative Foundation of Investment Analysis.
  • Unit 9: Asset Valuation: Equity Investments.
  • Unit 10: Asset Valuation: Debt Instruments.
  • Unit 11: Derivatives.
  • Unit 12: Foundation of Investment: Decision Making.
  • Unit 13: Mutual Funds, Exchange Traded Funds & Hedge Funds.
  • Unit 14: Shariah – Compliant Investment Tools.
  • Unit 15: Mergers, Acquisitions, IPOs & Restructurings.
  • Unit 16: Fundamentals of Market Compliance.

Day 3


  • Unit 1: Discuss and Explain Exam Techniques.
  • Unit 2: Review Part 1: Regulations, by  Answering 100 Questions.
  • Unit 3: Review Part 2: Operations, by  Answering 100 Questions.
There are 4 test centers: in Riyadh Financial Institute-Al Ma'athar Street-behind Ministry of Higher Education Dammam: Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency branch-Prince Mohammed bin Saud Street King Khalid
Passing the CME1 test with the first and second partial is a prerequisite for entering cme2 and Cme
The exam consists of two parts. The first part is specialized in legislation, while the second part relates to securities operations.
You can view the schedule of tests and the available date through the Institute's website.
The participant can select the test date after entering his or her account at the financial institution's website.
Any Saudi citizen or a Gulf citizen or who is treated as a Saudi.
All professional tests allow the participant 5 attempts to work a new year.
Access to the Institute's website Financial tests-entry on the test type, all forms and instructions will be shown.
The exam contains 200 questions, 100 questions per part.
The degree of passing the test is 70%

3648 SAR

Including VAT

Course Number: INV-CME-110
Course Language: Arabic & English
Duration: 3 Day(s)