Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are all offered courses internationally accredited?

    We have internationally accredited courses and accredited courses from Watan First Institute.

  • Are all courses attendance must be in-person?

    We have in-person courses and online courses. Each course delivery method is explained on the registration page.

  • How do authorities and companies register their employees in training courses?

    Through the training service request page, fill out a form with full details of the required courses.

  • How to register individuals in training courses?

    Individuals can register for training courses by filling out the registration form on each course page.

  • Do I receive confirmation after registering for any course?

    Yes, By email.

  • Is the training material available in both languages?

    The language of the training materials will be the same as the course. If the course is available in Arabic, the material is also available in Arabic, and vice versa.

  • How do I get the certificate after attending the course?

    The certificate will be delivered as a hard copy after the end of each in-person session, and a PDF copy of the online courses.

  • Is it possible to refund the fees if I no longer wish to attend the training course?

    Yes, the trainee has the right to cancel the registration in any training course with a full refund of the fees if canceled 7 days before the starting date. 50% of the course fees will be refunded in case of 4 days cancellation before the starting date, and In the event of cancellation within two days prior to the start date of the course, fees will not be refunded.