Exams Services

Watan First Institute Exam Center:

At Watan First Institute, we provide a test platform similar to the real test questions for a number of different professional certificates, through which we contribute to qualifying the trainees to easily pass the real test.

Exam Center Advantages
Real exam simulation experience
Real evaluation of each test the trainee passes
Covering the most general questions by each discipline
Possibility to re-test multiple times
Available Mock Exams

Insurance Foundation Certificate Examination IFCE

Credit Advisor Professional Exam

Capital Market Examination-1 (CME-1)

Award in General Insurance (W01)

Insurance Underwriting (non-UK) (WUE)

Insurance Claims Handling (non-UK) (WCE)

Insurance Underwriting (non-UK) (WUA)

Insurance Claims Handling (non-UK) (WCA)