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Sales Fundamentals

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This course provides participants with basic knowledge about sales as a function and process where participants receive useful and detailed information about sales and their contribution to the growth of their company. In addition to learning self-management searching for potential customers, planning opportunities and allocating resources, this course also helps participants acquire many skills related to negotiation, overcoming obstacles, solving

problems, and closing deals.


Target Audience:

Sales person and support service team as well


  • By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  •   Identify and adopt professional sales behaviors and skills to improve sales performance

  • Develop correct personal habits and self-motivation to improve effectiveness and personal and professional efficiency

  • Apply various steps to the sale process and determine the need for each step

  • Analyze and apply the principles of successful negotiations and deal with objections

  • Learn the basics of CRM and the impact

  • Know the sales performance metrics to achieve the target

Assessment Strategy:

Pre and Post training test to measure knowledge and learning levels

Engage trainees in exercises and group activities

Evaluation form to be filled by trainees

Day 1

Module 1: Know yourself

  • Discover yourself (strengths and weaknesses)
  • What is the self .. What are the factors influencing its formation?
  • Personal Styles
  • The concept of a person's responsibility for his success
  • Signs of responsibility

Module 2: Importance of Selling

  •  The concept and objectives of selling between science and art
  • Factors Affecting the Sale Process
  • What a salesperson does
  •  Characteristics of sales
  • Tasks and qualities of a successful sales employee
  •  10 Steps for Sale Process

Day 2

Module 3:  Customers Types

  • Customer concept
  • The importance of customer service
  • Select Customer Needs
  • Reasons for different customers
  • Approach of organizations based on customer experience
  • Personal Styles by Disc Profile
  • I am the customer

Module 4: Effective Communication

  • Principles and basics of communication
  • Communication levels
  • Elements of successful communication process
  • Communication impediments
  • Facts about listening
  • Communication under different cultures
  • Sales Presentation

Module 5: Tele sales

  • The concept and importance of telephone
  •  Roles in telephone handling
  • Identify different signals in the phone purchase
  • Do not do over the phone
  • Successful techniques to end the phone conversation
  • Etiquette use mobile and work phone
  • Etiquette use social media
  • Etiquette use email

Day 3

Module 6: Persuasion and Negotiation Skills

  • The concept of negotiation
  • The term persuasion
  • How to be persuasive
  • Characteristics of the person who is the process of persuasion
  • Catalysts and stages of persuasion
  • Characteristics of the effective negotiator
  • Principles in the success of negotiations
  • Personal Negotiations Patterns
  • Negotiation methods and methods
  • Tactics in Negotiation
  • BATNA principle in negotiations

Module 7: Product and marketing mix

  • Marketing and selling
  • The difference between service and product
  • Marketing mix (product, price, promotion, location)

Module 8: Sales Process

  • The traditional selling versus the sale by relationships
  • Where to find customers
  • The duties of the salesperson when joining the company
  • Sell ​​SPIN
  • The concept of BANT
  • Customer lifecycle through communication technologies
  • Selling methods (cross selling, vertical selling, short selling)

Day 4

Module 9: Handling objections and closing sales

  • Definition of Objection
  • Plan to deal with objections
  •  Definition of sales closure
  •  The basics and methods of closing the sale

Module 10: Key Performance Measurement

  • Definition of performance measurement
  • Smart goals
  • Formulation and preparation of performance measurement
  • How to achieve goals
  • Definition  in performance
  •  Constructive report





Sales representatives and sales department staff, and for any entrepreneur with a goal in developing his sales
Yes, in case he has a desire for knowledge in the sales field
Yes, will develop your sales skills
The aim is to measure the trainee knowledge and his learning before and after the training course
Contains training material, activities and case studies
Obtains a certificate of attendance for the course and training material

1500 SAR

Including VAT

Course Number: L&M-WFI-2201
Course Language: Arabic & English
Duration: 3 Day(s)