Course Name Number Days Tutor
Anti Money Laundering And Terrorism Financing BNK-WFI-402 2 Edward Bace
Asset and Liability Management BNK-SME-5100 4 Freelancer
Auditing Corporate Credit Management BNK-SME-2101 2 Freelancer
Bank Financial Analysis BNK-WFI-110 3 Edward Bace
Banking Fraud BNK-WFI-006 3 Hekmat Mohanna
Business Ethics BNK-WFI-421 1 Edward Bace
Chosing & Evaluation SME Customer BNK-SME-3110 3 Freelancer
Combating Financial Crime (CISI) BNK-CIS-015 3 Edward Bace
Commercial Real Estate Lending BNK-SME-6012 5 Freelancer
Company Valuation Industrial & Property BNK-WFI-105 3 Edward Bace
Corporate Credit Analysis BNK-WFI-100 3 Edward Bace
Corporate Finance - Technical Foundations (CISI) BNK-CIS-011 3 Edward Bace
Corporate Governance BNK-WFI-020021 3 Edward Bace
Credit Risk Management for SME Banking BNK-SME-5117 3 Freelancer
Detecting and Investigating Financial Statement Fraud BNK-WFI-005 2 Tariq Omer
Early Warning Signals and Restructuring Problem Loans BNK-SME-5102 3 Freelancer
Financial Accounting BNK-SME-1102 3 Freelancer
Financial Analysis Using Excel BNK-SME-6104 3 Freelancer
Financial Leasing BNK-WFI-430 3 Freelancer
Financial Risk Management BNK-WFI-102 3 Edward Bace
Financial Statement Analysis BNK-WFI-001 3 Edward Bace
Financing Small and Medium Enterprises – SME’s BNK-SME-6011 3 Freelancer
Fixed Income BNK-SME-6103 2 Freelancer
Fraud Detection, Investigation and Prevention BNK-SME-2117 4 Freelancer
Fundamental of SME Banking BNK-SME-1104 3 Freelancer
General Financial Literacy BNK-SME-1101 2 Freelancer
Global Financial Compliance (CISI) BNK-CIS-013 2 Edward Bace
Global Financial Derivatives (CISI) BNK-CIS-004 3 Edward Bace
Global Securities (CISI) BNK-CIS-105 3 Edward Bace
Internal Audit from the Risk Management Perspective BNK-SME-2103 3 Freelancer
Internal Auditor BNK-WFI-020243 5 Freelancer
Introduction to Anti Money Laundering And Terroris BNK-WFI-401 1 Edward Bace
Introduction to Securities & Investment (CISI) BNK-CIS-109 3 Edward Bace
Islamic Finance (CISI) BNK-CISI-040007 3 Edward Bace
Managing Operational Risk in Financial Institution (CISI) BNK-CIS-002 3 Edward Bace
Measuring And Managing Risk in Financial Institutions BNK-WFI-111 4 Hekmat Mohanna
Non-performing Loans and Methods of Problem Loan Resolution BNK-SME-6106 3 Freelancer
Preparation for Credit Advisers Certificate - level 1 BNK-WFI-101 4 Freelancer
Preparation for Credit Advisers Certificate - level 1 - Ver2 BNK-WFI-101-v2 4 Dr.Faieq Jabber Al-Najjar
Real Estate Investment BNK-WFI-210 3 Edward Bace
Regulation & Rules to combat money laundering & the financing of terrorism for specialized business functions BNK-WFI-403 2 Hisham AL-Regib
Retail Credit Risk Management BNK-SME-5107 4 Freelancer
Risk in Financial Services (CISI) BNK-CIS-003 3 Edward Bace
SME Banking Credit Management Master Class BNK-SME-6108 5 Freelancer
SME Banking Financial & Cashflow Analysis BNK-SME-1107 4 Freelancer
SME Lending BNK-SME-6000 3 Freelancer
SME's lending process and customer evaluation tools BNK-SME-6110 3 Freelancer
Treasury Risk Management BNK-WFI-411 3 Edward Bace
VAT and its Implementation BNK-WFI-202 3 Freelancer