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Course Name Number Days Tutor
Commercial Insurance Basics INS-WFI-1014 2 Freelancer
Comprehensive Course in Takaful INS-WFI-1013 1 Nasser Abdulhamid
Comprehensive program on insurance fraud INS-WFI-1034 2 Nasser Abdulhamid
Insurance Basics INS-WFI-1004 1 Nasser Abdulhamid
Insurance Foundation Certificate Examination (IFCE) INS-WFI-1041 3 Nasser Abdulhamid
Portfolio Management of Underwriting INS-WFI-1016 2 Freelancer
Risk Management Fundamental Insurance Principles INS-WFI-1019 2 Freelancer
Takaful - The Distinctive Islamic Insurance INS-WFI-1018 2 Nasser Abdulhamid
Takaful and Bank Insurance INS-WFI-020234 3 -