CV Summary
Rawan Al-Mubarak

Rawan Al-Mubarak

Head of Operations

Phone: 920006596  -  Email: [email protected]
  • Head of Operations Division for WFI. 
  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.
  • A Diploma holder in Quality Management, Computer Science and Marketing from various affiliated government organizations. 
  • Ms. Rawan is an energetic and enthusiastic individual. Due to her competency and depth knowledge in all facets of training industry (I.e. operations and planning, research and logistics), Top Management decided to give her the position of Head of Quality Assurance/Control. She is capable of handling the position because of her educational attainment, dedication and commitment to carry out the assigned roles and responsibilities.
  • An ISO 9001:2015 Auditor, and attended various training courses in IT and Leadership & Management fields.
Rawan Al-Mubarak