Watan First Institute

Our Vision

To be the most highly regarded learning and advisory organization for the development of public and private sector professionals in the Middle East region through a holistic, high quality approach to local professional learning.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to embed the highest standards of business and financial skills and practices, corporate culture, ethics and professionalism, into the public and private sector in the Middle East through the provision of superior quality competency development programs and supporting consultancy services.

We Are Unique

Watan First Institute is a locally established, specialized organization focusing on consulting, learning and development for both the public and private sectors, and focusing in the fields of banking, insurance, investment, corporate and SMEs, risk and compliance, as well as leadership, business management and professional skills.

Our People

We are particularly well qualified to deliver the highest quality training and advisory services in both Arabic and English through specialists from the Middle East, Europe and North America, who all have many years of business and training experience.

Our Philosophy in Practice

The philosophy of Watan First Institute is to deliver the highest quality, sustainable, customer experience in professional learning, with the aim of becoming the trusted local advisor to our clients in the area of continuous programmatic learning.

We are doing this by following the Top 10 Approach detailed below:

  1. We have aligned our services with the goals of the National Transformation Program (Saudi Vison 2030) in building skills in financial and other services.
  2. We will transform private and public sectors from capacity to competency of their professional staff.
  3. We offer relevant global expertise through a local presence in both Arabic and English.
  4. We design, develop and deliver knowledge and skills enhancement programs that make a clear bottom-line difference to our clients.
  5. We will continue to provide the highest quality service that exceeds customer expectations.
  6. We customize our training to be purposeful, relevant and effective for our clients.
  7. We are creating a real and virtual professional learning community in the region that provides learning & development platforms and opportunities to create strong and motivated professionals.
  8. We participate in events that reflect our commitment to the ongoing education of current and future professionals.
  9. We partner with the most respected and important accreditation agencies around the world to provide the best and most relevant certification programs.
  10. We recognize that training for professional competency begins in universities.