Engineering Insurance

  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Language: English
Courses Description

The course aims to introduce participants to the different coverages of engineering insurance and to know all the risks to which insured properties of all kinds are exposed, how to subscribe to risks in engineering insurance, as well as knowledge of the foundations for settling claims therein

Target Audience

  • Employees in the engineering insurance department
  • Employees of the Underwriting Department of General Insurance
  • Sales employees in insurance companies


  • Recognize the mass risk of contractors
  • Recognize comprehensive installation risk
  • Identify contractors' equipment and machinery 
  • Identify underwriting engineering insurance
  • How to calculate claims in engineering insurance risk

Day 1

  • Mass risk of contractors
  • Comprehensive installation risk
  • Contractors' equipment and machinery
  • Electronic devices and computers
  • Steam boilers and pressure vessels

Day 2

  • Machine failure
  • Inventory spoilage in warehouses
  • Engineering Insurance Underwriting
  • How to calculate claims in engineering insurance risk
  • Practical questions and cases
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