English Business Language

The Business English course is designed to prepare trainees to use English in a present or future work situation. Trainees will develop English skills with a focus on business contexts and environments, and they will learn vocabulary that is used regularly in the business world.

Target Audience:

All Employees.


By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Develop basic skills to deal with people in business situations.
  • Increase their knowledge of key business concepts worldwide.
  • Write and read basic business reports, E-mails and memos.
  • Expand vocabulary related to general business situations.
  • Develop confidence to deal with people and basic issues in the business world.
  • Master technical business terminology.
  • Refine writing style, with an emphasis on clarity and brevity, with correct usage of all forms of grammar and vocabulary.

Assessment Strategy:

  • Pre and Post training test to measure knowledge and learning levels.
  • Engage trainees in exercises and group activities.
  • Evaluation form to be filled by trainees.

  • Writing Correspondence.
  • Writing a Letter.
  • Writing a professional E-mail.
  • Writing a Memo.
  • Writing Minutes of a Meeting.
  • Writing resumes and cover letters.
  • Job interviews.
  • Oral presentations.
  • Deliver a group presentation.
  • Planning a marketing strategy.
  • Presenting.
  • Writing a progress.
  • recommendation report.
  • Writing a report.
  • Outlining a meeting.
  • Writing Newsletters.
  • Brochures.
  • Social Media.
Experience Level:
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Code: MG2171
Language: English
Duration: 5 Days