Insurance Broking

To provide knowledge and understanding of the wide range of technical skills required by a professional insurance broker with specific reference to client care

Target Audience:

All employees working at Brokers companies


By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the insurance intermediary market
  • Understand the role and responsibilities of the insurance broker / agent in the provision of insurance products and services
  • Understand contract and agency in relation to insurance brokers / agents and their clients
  • Understand the key legal and regulatory issues affecting insurance brokers / agents
  • Understand issues relating to the conduct and culture of insurance intermediary business

Assessment Strategy:

  • Pre and Post training test to measure knowledge and learning levels
  • Engage trainees in exercises and group activities
  • Evaluation form to be filled by trainees

Module 1: Understand the key aspects of the regulatory and legal environment within which insurance brokers operate

  • Describe how the law of agency applies to insurance brokers in respect of the various roles they could undertake
  • Describe the key insurance and non-insurance statutory and contract law applicable to insurance brokers, including key policy documentation
  • Explain the importance of the fair treatment of customers

Module 2: Understand the role of the insurance broker in meeting client needs

  • Describe the approach to demands and needs and suitability statements
  • Describe the regulatory and other information brokers disclose to clients and the various forms this can take
  • Explain the delivery of ‘contract certainty’ and dealing with subjectivities – surveys, proposal forms
  • Explain how complaints are dealt with, the handling of errors and omissions, claims and various forms of compensation

Module 3: Understand the role of the insurance broker in the negotiation and placing of insurance contracts

  • Explain the broker's duty in the presentation of risk to insurers
  • Explain the principles and objectives of good submission drafting, including the Market Reform Contract
  • Describe good practice in the presentation of quotation and contract information to clients
  • Explain the duties when using sub-broking arrangements and the various forms of introducer
  • Explain the legal duties of wholesale brokers – to the producing broker and to the insured

Module 4: Understand the role of the insurance broker in selecting insurers

  • Explain the main factors to be taken into account when selecting insurers and the importance of the broker in this process
  • Explain the need for an insurer to be licensed to write a particular class of business in the KSA
  • Explain the general approach to assessing the security of an insurer

Module 5: Understand the role of the insurance broker in the design and operation of insurance programmes

  • Describe the general approach to the design and operation of insurance programmes including the involvement of self-insurance and captives
  • Explain the detail behind complex programmes
  • Explain the use of global markets, including the use of different markets at different stages of the insurance market cycle
  • Describe the operation of schemes, line slips and delegated authorities
  • Explain post placement activity and administration

Module 6: Understand the role of the insurance broker in the claims negotiation, collection and payment process

  • Explain the duties of the broker in negotiating claims on behalf of clients and the impact of fraud
  • Describe the different methods of dealing with claims
  • Explain the duties of the broker in handling claims records, including disease claims, and the market agreement on employers' liability records
  • Explain the duty of a broker to deal with a claim when the client has been lost

Module 7: Understand the range of services that may be available from insurance brokers and their benefit to clients

  • Explain the fundamentals of risk/risk transfer and the broker’s role in the management process.
  • Describe captive insurance company services.
  • Describe specialist risk consultancy services.
Experience Level:
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Code: INS2180
Language: English
Duration: 5 Days