Preparation for Credit Advisers Certificate - level 1 - Ver2


  • Professional test for a Credit Advisor - the second edition, is a mandatory test by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency for all employees of the front rows of banks operating in the Saudi market, where this course covers a wide area of basic knowledge and requirements for a professional certificate that must be available for those who want to obtain a Credit Advisor Certificate to work in banks and financial institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,

Target Audience:

Employees of banking and financial institutions, finance companies and rental contract registration companies. Financing in the public and private sectors. Those who wish to obtain a Credit Advisor Certificate, managers of financial departments and heads of accounts and financial departments, branches and managers of branches, managers and audit staff and gentlemen nominated for a position in the credit field. Collection, customer service jobs, sales staff, and call center personnel, including employees contracted through a third party who wish to develop their skills


  • Enabling participants to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to qualify for a career certificate in banking and financial institutions
  • Identify the means of administrative communication in financial institutions and how to deal effectively with each of these administration
  • Providing participants with the skills of quantitative and statistical financial and credit analysis, according to risk assessment methods
  • Identify all the records and documents required to form a whole picture of the financial situation of the client
  • Identify all information to assist in the formation of a sound credit decision in accordance with the client's circumstances and financial objectives in line with its financial position
  • Understand the types of risks to financial institutions 
  • Description of standard operating procedures aimed at identifying situations involving operational risk

Day 1:

Chapter One: Financing Products

  • Financial products and services provided by banks and finance companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Characteristics of traditional and Islamic financing products
  • Controls of obtaining financing products
  • Rights and responsibilities of financing products



Chapter Two: Introduction to Operational Risk Management

  • Identify operational risks according to the regulations and procedures followed
  • Unusual and suspicious transactions and procedures for dealing with them
  • Chapter three: types and procedures of financing
  • Sources of risks affecting clients
  • Factors affecting funding requests
  • Procedures for obtaining bank credit
  • Practical procedures for issuing bank credit.
  • Bank credit standards and customer responsibilities in the financing agreement
  • Credit policy in mortgages
  • Evaluating the client’s situation according to the financing criteria
  • Customer responsibilities in financing agreements


Day 3:

Chapter Four: The Credit Risks to which Clients are exposed

  • Sources of credit risk
  • Sections of credit risk
  • Customer's credit risk and its impact on customers
  • The main objectives of the strategic pillars of the Saudi financial sector
  • Financial leverages
  • Analysis of the customer's non-financial position
  • The McKinsey Model
  • Determine the financial goals that are in line with the client's financial situation
  • Various banking products and services for clients
  • Follow up the client and review his performance
  • Managing bad loans


Day 4:

Chapter Five: Credit Risk Assessment

  • Measuring credit risk
  • Credit risk assessment and evaluation
  • Credit risk treatment
  • Chapter Six: Self-Management
  • Introduction to self-management
  • How to set goals and follow them with the direct boss
  • Classification of goals
  • Setting goals
  • Set annual performance targets
  • Maintain personal performance records

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Code: BNK-WFI-101-v2
City: Jeddah
Language: Arabic
Duration: 4 Day(s)