Course Name Number Days Tutor
Derivatives (CISI) INV-CIS-113 3 Freelancer
Derivatives Market INV-WFI-112 3 Freelancer
International Financial Reporting Standard - IFRS 9 INV-WFI-118 3 Freelancer
Introduction to Financial Markets INV-WFI-105 3 Freelancer
Introduction to Financial Planning and Forecasting INV-WFI-117 3 Freelancer
Introduction to Financial Services INV-WFI-119 2 Freelancer
Introduction to Markets, Securities and Modern Portfolio Management INV-WFI-110 3 Freelancer
Investment Management (CISI) INV-CIS-106 3 Freelancer
Investment Performance Analysis INV-WFI-107 5 Freelancer
Investment, Risk and Taxation (CISI) INV-CIS-104 3 Freelancer
Managing Operational Risk in Financial Institution (CISI) INV-CIS-105 3 Freelancer
Market Risk Management INV-WFI-114 3 Freelancer
Operational & Market Risk Management INV-WFI-116 5 Freelancer
Preparation for the General Securities Qualification Certificate Exam - (CME1) INV-CME-110 3 Freelancer
Securities (CISI) INV-CIS-108 3 Freelancer
Short Selling INV-WFI-115 2 Freelancer
The Broker-Dealer Qualification Certificate (CME-3) INV-CME-112 3 Freelancer