Course Name Number Days Tutor
Advanced Claims INS-CII-820 2 Freelancer
Advanced Insurance Broking INS-CII-930 2 Freelancer
Advanced Underwriting INS-CII-960 2 Freelancer
AML & CFT for insurance INS-WFI-1021 1 Freelancer
Award In General Insurance INS-CII-WOI 5 Freelancer
Business interruption INS-WFI-1012 1 Freelancer
Cargo and goods in transit insurances M90 INS-CII-M902 5 Freelancer
Claim Management INS-WFI-1009 1 Freelancer
Claims Practice INS-CII-M85 5 Freelancer
Combatting Motor Fraud for Insurance Specialists INS-WFI-1035 2 Freelancer
Commercial Insurance Basics INS-WFI-1014 2 Freelancer
Commercial insurance contract wording INS-CII-P21 5 Freelancer
Commercial Property and Business Interruption INS-CII-M93 5 Freelancer
Complaint Handling & Management for Insurance INS-WFI-1038 2 Freelancer
Comprehensive Course in Takaful INS-WFI-1013 1 Dr. Nasser Abdulhamid
Comprehensive Program in Health Insurance INS-WFI-1017 2 Freelancer
Comprehensive program on insurance fraud INS-WFI-1034 2 Dr. Nasser Abdulhamid
Customer Service in Insurance INS-CII-IF9 5 Dr. Nasser Abdulhamid
Delegated Authority INS-CII-P66 5 Freelancer
Fundamentals of Risk Management INS-CII-P67 5 Freelancer
General Insurance Business INS-CII-IF2 5 Dr. Nasser Abdulhamid
Household Insurance Products INS-CII-IF6 5 Freelancer
Implementing AML & CTF Regulations for Financial Institution INS-WFI-1022 2 Dr. Nasser Abdulhamid
Insurance Basics INS-WFI-1004 1 Dr. Nasser Abdulhamid
Insurance Broking fundamentals INS-CII-IF10 5 Freelancer
Insurance Broking practice INS-CII-M81 5 Freelancer
Insurance Business and Finance(COMPULSORY SUBJECT) INS-CII-M92 5 Freelancer
Insurance Claims - WCA INS-CII-WCA 5 -
Insurance Claims Handling INS-CII-IF4 6 Khaled Bassiouny
Insurance Claims Handling (non-UK) (WCE) INS-CII-50254 5 -
Insurance Foundation Certificate Examination (IFCE) INS-WFI-1041 4 Dr. Nasser Abdulhamid
Insurance Law (COMPULSORY SUBJECT) INS-CII-M05 3 Freelancer
Insurance of Property Risks INS-WFI-1002 1 Freelancer
Insurance Underwriting INS-CII-IF3 6 Freelancer
Insurance Underwriting (non-UK) (WUA) INS-CII-50255 5 -
Intermediate Business Interruption INS-WFI-1010 1 Freelancer
Intermediate Property and Business Interruption INS-WFI-1007 4 Freelancer
International Liability Insurance INS-WFI-1015 3 Freelancer
Introduction to Risk Management INS-CII-IF11 5 Freelancer
Life critical illness and disability claims INS-CII-P62 5 Dr. Nasser Abdulhamid
Life, Critical illness and disability INS-CII-P61 5 Dr. Nasser Abdulhamid
Long term Insurance business INS-CII-P63 5 Freelancer
Motor Insurance Products INS-CII-IF5 5 Freelancer
Packaged Commercial Insurance INS-CII-IF8 5 Freelancer
Personal Insurance INS-CII-M86 5 Freelancer
Portfolio Management of Underwriting INS-WFI-1016 2 Freelancer
Principles of Takaful INS-CII-590 4 Dr. Nasser Abdulhamid
Private medical Insurance INS-CII-P64 5 Freelancer
Professional Call Handling skills for Insurance Industry INS-WFI-1046 2 Freelancer
Property Risk Management INS-WFI-1003 3 Freelancer
Property  Insurance INS-WFI-1001 3 Freelancer
Real Estate INS-WFI-1005 1 Freelancer
Risk Management Fundamental Insurance Principles INS-WFI-1019 2 Freelancer
Risk Management in Insurance INS-CII-992 2 Freelancer
Service Quality & Excellence for Insurance INS-WFI–1048 2 Freelancer
Takaful - The Distinctive Islamic Insurance INS-WFI-1018 2 Dr. Nasser Abdulhamid
Takaful and Bank Insurance INS-WFI-020234 3 -
Technicalities and Operational Aspects of Health Insurance INS-WFI-1047 3 Freelancer
Technicalities and Operational Aspects of Motor Insurance INS-WFI-1011 1 Freelancer
Underwriting Practice INS-CII-M80 5 Freelancer