Leadership & Management

Course Name Number Days Tutor
Media and Public Relation Skills L&M-WFI-020249 3 Freelancer
PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner Course PRINC2-FP 5 -
Advanced Communication Skills L&M-WFI-5101 2 Tariq Omer
Advanced Relationship Management L&M-WFI-2021 3 Hisham AL-Regib
Advanced Supervisory Skills L&M-WFI-6101 3 Hisham AL-Regib
Advanced Training of Trainers L&M-WFI-4515 3 Tariq Omer
Associate Professional in Human Resources™ – aPHRi™ L&M-WFI-2025 3 Freelancer
Auditing HR Processes L&M-WFI-4501 3 Freelancer
B2B Sales Management L&M-WFI-2025 2 Freelancer
Basic Competencies L&M-WFI-5119 4 Hisham AL-Regib
Branding L&M-WFI-030222 3 Freelancer
Building an Award Winning Service Culture L&M-WFI-1301 3 Hisham AL-Regib
CBP - Certified Business Analysis Professional -CBAP CBAP- Business Analysis 5 -
CBP Communication CBP-Communication 5 -
CBP Marketing CBP-Marketing 5 -
Certified Customer Service Professional L&M-WFI-1202 5 Tariq Omer
Certified Sales Manager L&M-WFI-2202 3 Hisham AL-Regib
Certified Team Leader L&M-WFI-5112 3 Hisham AL-Regib
Change Management L&M-WFI-7302 3 Adel Al Hussain
Coaching Skills for Managers L&M-WFI-6104-1 2 Adel Al Hussain
Coaching Skills for Peak Performance L&M-WFI-6104 3 Hisham AL-Regib
Committees Management L&M-WFI-6114 3 Freelancer
Contract Management L&M-WFI-030234 4 -
Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making L&M-WFI-5102 3 Tariq Omer
Creative thinking and innovation techniques L&M-WFI-020230 3 -
customer complaints system and customer service development tools L&M-WFI-010253 5 Freelancer
Customer Service Management L&M-WFI-1271 3 Hisham AL-Regib
Effective Business Writing & Reporting L&M-WFI-5201-1 3 Tariq Omer
Effective Communication Skills L&M-WFI-5106-1 3 Freelancer
Effective Report Writing Techniques L&M-WFI-030190 3 Tariq Omer
Effective Reporting Techniques L&M-WFI-020244 3 Freelancer
Effective Sales Skills - Tools and Techniques L&M-WFI-020247 3 Freelancer
Email Etiquette L&M-WFI-5203 1 Freelancer
Emotional Intelligence Workshop L&M-WFI-5103 3 Freelancer
Emotional Intelligence: Becoming Better Leaders through Improved Lifestyles L&M-WFI-5104 3 Freelancer
English for Business Communication Advance Course L&M-WFI-5502 2 Tariq Omer
English for Business Communication Fundamental Course L&M-WFI-5501 3 Tariq Omer
Essentials of Professional Selling L&M-WFI-020228 5 Freelancer
Excellence in Customer Service L&M-WFI-1302 2 Tariq Omer
Excellence Leaders L&M-WFI-020248 3 Freelancer
Finance for non-Financials L&M-WFI-030212 4 Hekmat Mohanna
general administration and office management L&M-WFI-020252 5 Freelancer
Good to Great Management: The Road Ahead L&M-WFI-6102 3 Hisham AL-Regib
GPHR® Global Professional in HR – International L&M-WFI-2026 5 Freelancer
High Performance Teams L&M-WFI-5105 3 Tariq Omer
HR for Line Managers L&M-WFI-4301 3 Freelancer
Human Resources Management L&M-WFI-4310 3 Freelancer
Identifying Training Needs and Evaluating Training L&M-WFI-4511 2 Hisham AL-Regib
Influential Leadership L&M-WFI-030231 3 -
Information analysis of and decision making L&M-WFI-4902 3 Freelancer
Institutional leadership L&M-WFI-040232 3 -
Interpersonal Communication Skills L&M-WFI-5106 3 Hisham AL-Regib
Introduction to User Experience Design L&M-WFI-040226 5 Freelancer
IT Management Excellence L&M-WFI-6111 3 Freelancer
ITIL® 4 Foundation ITIL 3 -
Kay Performance Indicators (KPI's) L&M-WFI-030159 3 Freelancer
Management Skills for Engineers L&M-WFI-6110 3 Hisham AL-Regib
Managing Conflict: Power through Influence L&M-WFI-5107 3 Tariq Omer
Managing Multiple Tasks, Priorities and Deadlines L&M-WFI-5108 3 Hisham AL-Regib
Mastering Customer Relationship Manager L&M-WFI-2020 3 Hisham AL-Regib
Mastering Excel - Advance Level L&M-WFI-4802 3 Freelancer
Mastering Excel - Medium Level L&M-WFI-4801 5 Freelancer
Media Planning L&M-WFI-020246 4 Freelancer
Medical Coding MedicalCoding 1 -
Middle Management Skills L&M-WFI-6112 3 Hisham AL-Regib
Motion Graphic L&M-WFI-020236 4 Freelancer
Negotiating for Success L&M-WFI-5109 3 Hisham AL-Regib
Negotiation Skills L&M-WFI-5109-1 2 Freelancer
Performance Management Setting Objectives and Conducting Appraisals L&M-WFI-4302 2 Hisham AL-Regib
Personal Effectiveness & Building Relationships L&M-WFI-5115 3 Hisham AL-Regib
Personality at Work  L&M-WFI-5118 3 Hisham AL-Regib
Persuasion and Influence Using Emotional Intelligence L&M-WFI-5110 3 Freelancer
PHRi™ Training Course The Professional in HR – International L&M-WFI-2027 5 Freelancer
PHRi™ Training Course The Professional in HR – International L&M-WFI-2028 5 Freelancer
Prep for PMP Certification Exam L&M-PMI-030215 5 -
Preparation of e-commerce professionals L&M-WFI-030224 4 Freelancer
Prepare for Certified Digital Marketing Professional L&M-WFI-040223 5 Freelancer
Preparing and Writing Technical Reports L&M-WFI-020245 3 Freelancer
Presentation and Communication Skills for Professionals L&M-WFI-020235 3 -
Presentation Design and Delivery L&M-WFI-020192 2 Tariq Omer
Presentation Skills L&M-WFI-5202-1 2 Adel Al Hussain
Principles of Customer Relationship Management L&M-WFI-2022 2 Hisham AL-Regib
Professional Coach - Advanced L&M-WFI-6121 3 Freelancer
Professional Coach - Credentialed L&M-WFI-6123 1 Freelancer
Professional Coach - Fundamentals L&M-WFI-6120 3 Freelancer
Professional Coach - Practitioner L&M-WFI-6122 3 Freelancer
Professional Presentation Delivery L&M-WFI-020237 3 -
Professional Selling L&M-WFI-020229 5 Freelancer
Project Management Fundamentals (PMF) - CAPM Exam Prep L&M-WFI-6606 3 Freelancer
Project Management Professional (PMP) (PMP® Certification Exam Prep) L&M-WFI-6610 5 Freelancer
Project Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP Certification Exam Prep) L&M-WFI-6615 3 Freelancer
Recruitment Interviewing and Selection L&M-WFI-4304 3 Freelancer
Sales Fundamentals L&M-WFI-2201 3 Freelancer
Security and safety For security guards L&M-WFI-7407 2 Freelancer
Self leadership  L&M-WFI-5116 5 Hisham AL-Regib
Self Management  L&M-WFI-5113 3 Hisham AL-Regib
Simplification of Work Processes and Procedures L&M-WFI-7301 3 Hisham AL-Regib
Skills for Dealing with Others in work environment L&M-WFI-5114 3 Hisham AL-Regib
Strategic Marketing Planning L&M-WFI-020250 3 Freelancer
Strategic Quality Management L&M-WFI-030238 4 -
Successful Leading Women L&M-WFI-030241 3 -
Supervisory Skills L&M-WFI-6103 3 Hisham AL-Regib
Technical Writing skills L&M-WFI-020243 3 Freelancer
Tender Procedures and Bid Evaluation L&M-WFI-030233 3 -
The Balanced Scorecard: Achieving Performance Excellence L&M-WFI-6105 3 Hisham AL-Regib
The Essentials of Business Etiquette and Protocol L&M-WFI-2301 2 Freelancer
Time Management and Stress Control L&M-WFI-5111 3 Tariq Omer
Time Management Skills L&M-WFI-5111-1 2 Adel Al Hussain
TQM - Tools for Continuous Improvement L&M-WFI-030239 4 -
Understanding Group Dynamics L&M-WFI-5117 3 Hisham AL-Regib