CBP™ Professional Dynamic Decision Making

  • Duration: 2 Days
  • Language: Arabic & English
Courses Description

In today’s world of challenges and problems, there are hardly any problems daily, and if there is a problem, it must have a way out. Problems in the level of difficulty range from simple to complex and require a radical solution to end the cause of the problem so as not to re-emerge. Complex problems are those related to prioritizing work tasks or understanding why actions have failed and a decision must be made on what to do, which is a rational approach to problem solving. Often things can become more complex, forcing us to make decisions that can have a direct impact on our lives, our work, or the lives around us. So you must have the ability to use critical thinking and make sure there is no flaw in the logic you have taken. At other times there may be unusual problems that are beyond logical and critical thinking, and finding a solution to these problems may be invaluable

Target Audience

This course is recommended for human resources personnel, business leaders, senior executives, managers, supervisors, and front-line workers


At the end of this program, you will be able to know:

  • Assess your pattern of decision-making
  • Identify clear advantages for decisions made
  • Gather important information and offers innovative alternatives
  • Depend on intuition when making decisions
  • Determine the results of decisions and their consequences
  • Analyze risks and assess their level of risk tolerance
  • Avoid common mistakes and psychological factors affecting the decision-making process

Module 1: Assessing Your Decision-Making Style

  • Objectives
  • Assessing Your Decision-Making Style 
  • Decision making process and potential traps
  • Choosing how to make decisions 
  • Interpreting Results 
  • Making business decisions

Module 2: Framing the Decision

  • Objectives 
  • Identifying what you want to accomplish 
  • Writing a problem statement 
  • Using the components of decision frame 
  • Establishing Objectives 
  • Examining the Case Study 

Module 3: Gathering Information

  • Objectives 
  • Better information means better decisions
  • Intuition in decision making process 
  • Examining solutions and options 
  • Passive decision making 
  • Imaginative alternatives
  • Examining the Case Study

Module 4: Analyzing The Information

  • Objectives 
  • Analyzing consequences 
  • Using a consequence table 
  • Determining tradeoffs 
  • Determining risk tolerance 
  • Slippery slope syndrome
  • Examining the case study

Module 5: Why Bad Decisions Happen

  • Objectives 
  • Avoiding common mistakes 
  • Avoiding mind snares 
  • Acknowledge pivot points 
  • Stress and decision making 
  • Learning to lean on experts 
  • Examining the case study

Module 6: Making The Decision

  • Objectives 
  • Deciding how to decide
  • The Metadecision 
  • Democratic decision-making techniques 
  • Using the consensus decision making  
  • Collective participative decision making
  • Using the autocratic decision making
  • Avoiding bad decision-making styles
  • Communicating the decision
  • Communicating with intent 
  • Examining the case study

Module 7: Auditing The Results of Decision Making

  • Objectives
  • Reviewing the decision
  • Carrying out a decision review
  • Examining the case study

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